Token price control and organic trading growth

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Why Price Control is needed?

Ensure confidence in token price stability

Maintain the price within a specified range

Facilitate efficient trading and token liquidation for simplified holder cashouts

Predictable price movements during marketing campaigns and product launches

Gain insights into market buying & selling dynamics


Market Making active clients


Price control strategies


Available Dashboard provides transparency


High-speed secure HFT algorithms with uptime


Price Control


Price stability

Many projects encounter unforeseen token price volatility after exchange listings, due to speculative activity and poor plan tokenomics and other factors

We develop a long-term strategy tailored to your token's unique characteristics, including inflationary and deflationary mechanisms, as well as vesting and unlock schedules.

Adaptation to market dynamics

Token prices can quickly change in response to significant events or news. Without adequate preparation and swift action, projects could risk losing control of the situation.

CLS Global traders and analysts consider both macro and micro market changes, enabling seamless adaptation to evolving conditions. This allows clients to prepare and customize bots to suit their specific needs.

Transparency and control

Control over token price is a key point for crypto projects. Projects risk losing investor confidence due to unpredictable fluctuations.

Our team monitors token supply movements, as well as selected wallets to be able to predict short term market sentiment and adjust accordingly.

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Trading Dashboard

Highest level of transparency is ensured by our trading dashboard that gathers and analyzes real-time and historical data reflected in charts online

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Why projects choose CLS Global

Successful collaborations with projects featured on the top 100 crypto exchanges

A strong presence in the cryptocurrency market since 2017

In-house analytics team and personal trading manager

Swift response to market news and fluctuations

24/7 customer support

How CLS Global manages Price Control

Pricing management strategy

Token price position assessment: grasp present dynamics and assess potential risks and opportunities

Price trends forecasting: leverage algorithms and analytics software to predict price fluctuations

Market activity analysis: research trading volumes to anticipate future trends

Price range setting: define and maintain prices within a target range, e.g., $1 - $1.3

Risk assessment: understand and mitigate risks linked to sudden price swings

Adaptation to changing market conditions

Explore token inflation and its impact on prices

FDV impact: analyze Fully Diluted Valuation and its connection to potential price changes

Receive guidance on distributing marketing and reward tokens, as they frequently play a pivotal role in shaping project price dynamics

Token allocation on exchanges for optimal price control

Strategy adjustment based on interim results

Track the increase in organic traffic and its implications for the project, as well as increasing presence on exchanges

Observe on-chain activity and track the number of holders on stock exchanges

Implement mechanisms to activate trading and simplify the process of token delisting, providing fast and convenient cashouts for holders

Assist at all stages of the token project

Market Making

Our team provide tailored trading development solutions, optimizing both liquidity and efficiency. We implement advanced strategies to ensure your project thrives in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets.

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Anti-snipe protection

Incorporating measures to prevent rapid and unjust trades, thus fostering a fair trading environment for all participants.

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Volume management

Boosting trading volume to enhance your token's liquidity.

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Price Control

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