Anti-snipe Protection

Protecting your liquidity from high-frequency attacks during the launch on crypto exchanges

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What does Anti-snipe Protection include?

Dump protection

Successful launch on a DEX

Reduce selling pressure

Secured liquidity

Profit generation

CLS Global is certified by Certik — a leading platform for analyzing and monitoring blockchain protocols and DeFi projects


Provide protection on the majority of DEX


Years of experience


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Certik Certification

Why is an



Maintaining Economic Stability

Sniping can distort a project's true market value or the liquidity pool size, which can deter potential investors.

CLS utilizes cutting-edge technologies to analyze and monitor blockchain transactions in real-time, allowing for the early detection and prevention of sniper attacks before they can be executed, ultimately preventing snipers from generating profit.

Clear and organized trading schedule

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, trust holds immense significance. Snipers, however, can tarnish a project's reputation and misrepresent the schedule, leading to a loss of appeal in the eyes of users and investors.

We offer protection against snipers through smart contract implementation, as well as without modifying the smart contract. The first option is more suitable for projects in their early stages.

Safe Launch

Snipers typically target crypto projects during their initial stages, especially during the DEX launch. This can result in an unequal distribution of tokens, where snipers receive a disproportionate amount, putting real users at a disadvantage.

Our algorithms effectively control and restrict significant token purchases within the initial minutes post-launch. Moreover, Antisnipe protection from CLS is more cost-effective compared to competitors.

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Why projects choose CLS Global

Verified experience and third-party expertise in smart contract security

6+ years of experience with the world's leading crypto exchanges

24/7 support and continuous project monitoring

Personal management team for your project

In-house software and algorithms for protecting crypto projects

Antisnipe Protection with CLS Global

Security measures and fraud protection

Prevention of premature entry by malicious users before official trading commencement

Protection against automated bots attempting to purchase tokens in the initial stages for later profitable resale

Prevention of dishonest manipulation of token prices within the first few minutes after launch

Mitigation of pump-and-dump risks during the initial trading phase

Safeguarding investors from fund loss due to fraudulent activities

Equality among participants

Creation of a level playing field for all investors, with no advantage given to bots or snipers

Stabilization of token price during the initial trading period, minimizing abrupt fluctuations

Mitigation of panic selling driven by fear of sniper actions

Increase of potential investors' trust in the project by offering fair and transparent participation terms

Boost to the number of participants by offering guarantees for the protection of their investments

Trade and liquidity optimization

Improvement of token liquidity by reducing market manipulation

Prevention of rapid liquidity loss due to fraudulent bots, ensuring token stability

Promotion of long-term investments by establishing a stable and safe trading environment

Enhancement of the project's market reputation through transparent and fair trading

Facilitation of the listing process on major exchanges with a stable and secure trading start

Assist at all stages of the token project

Market Making

Our team provide tailored trading development solutions, optimizing both liquidity and efficiency. We implement advanced strategies to ensure your project thrives in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets.

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Volume management

Boosting trading volume to enhance your token's liquidity.

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Price control

Managing the token's price and its range, offering full support and complete management based on organic trading.

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