Secure token delisting to avoid excessive price volatility

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Why projects need Treasury Building?

Get the opportunity to raise funds after listing

Create fiat treasury without VCs and OTC platforms

Leverage an additional tool to manage token issuance

Convert high volumes without decreasing token rates

CLS Global works with a variety of exchanges, from large platforms such as Binance and major DEXs to third-tier exchanges with low liquidity


CEX integrated


Additional revenue streams created


Uptime of secure HFT Token Liquidation algorithms


Tailor made solutions and customizable strategy


Treasury Building


High-level security

In the cryptocurrency market, security is key. Without proper security measures, your funds can be stolen or lost.

We do not have complete access to your trading account and cannot transfer or withdraw funds. On top of that, CLS employs advanced encryption technology within its algorithms.

Flexible management

Every project and token is unique and requires a tailored approach to crypto capital management, so it's important that the specifics of your project are considered in Treasury Building.

CLS bot settings offer great flexibility, enabling seamless operation across various exchanges, including DEXs.

Company experience and reputation

Companies with little experience in the market do not have the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to deal with crypto-assets skillfully.

The CLS team of specialists has accumulated over 6 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, earning the trust of numerous major projects in the process.

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Why projects choose CLS Global

24/7 support: your managers constantly monitor the market and promptly respond to any changes

High speed and flexible algorithm customization, adapted for most exchanges

A strong presence in the cryptocurrency market since 2017

Maximum level of technical and financial transparency

Long-term strategy for token release regulation on exchanges

How CLS Global manages Treasury Building

Crypto capital management

Assistance in developing long-term plans for the use and allocation of capital

Ensuring timely payment of funds while optimizing cost-effectiveness

Identification and analysis of the best platforms for trading and storing funds

Coordination of Treasury Building with trade state, overall market movement, and project roadmap

Accompanying support

Secure DEX launches with sniper mitigation

Preservation of trade volume during periods of subdued project performance

Assistance in selecting the optimal exchange platform

Providing cash to support market trading

Support or price control based on organic volumes

Operational efficiency

Token liquidation algorithms at optimal price levels without impact on prices

Coordination of Treasury Building with trade strategy and long-term project development strategy

Detailed reports on deposits and market dynamics

Round-the-Clock Support: available day and night, even on weekends

Assist at all stages of the token project

Market Making

Our team provide tailored trading development solutions, optimizing both liquidity and efficiency. We implement advanced strategies to ensure your project thrives in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets.

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Listing support

Assisting in the exchange selection and the listing of your token.

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Liquidity management

Ensuring market stability by providing liquidity for the tokens.

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Treasury Building

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