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Professional support in crypto exchange selection and listing

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Why listing support is needed?

To choose the most suitable exchange for your token

Rational, efficient management of your listing budget

Objective data on the metrics of examined exchanges

On-chain analysis of exchange supply

500+ existing clients are demonstrating successful trading in all phases of the market right now


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Years of experience


Attracted holders


Average organic volume

How to choose

an appropriate


Objective metrics

We have worked with over 60 exchanges for 6+ years and can distinguish real metrics from exaggerated ones.

Each exchange provides data on the work they’re doing, yet these metrics by no means always reflect the whole truth. In order to put together an effective listing budget, you need the most transparent exchange information possible.

Exchange specifics

Even the most efficient project won’t be successful if listed on the wrong exchange. Every platform has its own listing features, sales, audience, geography, etc. Therefore, the exchange must be a good fit with your project.

CLS Global will help you both choose the most suitable exchange and consult you on adapting the project so that your listing is as efficient as possible. 

Financial security

We know how exchanges work, we have extensive experience handling crypto projects, and we understand the real landscape and token status in the market, thus we are quite adept at preventing manipulation. 

Exchanges often manipulate token prices for additional profit. It is difficult for a project to monitor this and track token manipulation properly.

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Why projects choose CLS Global

More than 500 projects have listed according to their needs and preferences with CLS Global

Operating on cryptocurrencies market since 2017

Personal trading manager

Save your the time and budget

24/7 support

How CLS Global manages the listing

Consulting on determining market entry strategy

Assessing trend direction in the market

Forecasting token price growth

Analyzing the number of potential buyers and sellers

Determining price ranges for sales

Estimating selling pressure

Advising on tokenomics adaptation for exchanges

Analyzing vestings and unlocks

Analyzing FDV in relation to potential price movements

Token release and distribution tips

Token exchange allocation tips

Assistance in choosing a listing exchange

Evaluating listing requirements

Evaluating the fictitiousness of metrics

Identifying the TA

Geographic coverage

Assist at all stages of the token project

Market Making

Our team provide tailored trading development solutions, optimizing both liquidity and efficiency. We implement advanced strategies to ensure your project thrives in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets.

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Treasury building

Facilitating the efficient sale of tokens for conversion into real currency.

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Liquidity management

Ensuring market stability by providing liquidity for the tokens.

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