Initial Game Offering (IGO)

Initial Game Offering (IGO)

Initial Game Offering (IGO) is a creative new way to fund and launch games.

It is a fundraising system whereby developers raise funds to create digital entertainment products through public sales of non-refundable game tokens. This innovative approach to crowd-funding has grown immensely in popularity over the past few years and is now widely used by game developers, major game publishers and crowdfunding platforms to launch new games.‍

What makes IGO unique

IGO differs from traditional crowdfunding methods like Kickstarter or Indiegogo in a number of ways. For example, IGO tokens are not refundable, meaning that investors receive rewards in the form of products or services instead of money. This allows developers to keep more control over the project and how funds are allocated. Additionally, IGO typically operates with a token presale structure, allowing developers to make a larger profit from initial sales.

What are the Benefits of Using IGO?

Using IGO offers great benefits for game developers and game publishers. For starters, IGO enables developers to raise large sums of money quickly and without involving any third-party investors or complicated contracts. Furthermore, IGO is a cost-effective way to generate revenue, since the costs associated with running the Tokensale are typically much lower than with traditional crowdfunding methods. IGO is also a great way to generate hype and excitement around a game, as the Tokensale allows fans and potential customers to be part of the project and follow its development in detail.

Disadvantages of IGO

Despite the many advantages to using IGO, there are also a few potential risks. Firstly, since IGO Tokens are not refundable, there is no guarantee that the project will be completed successfully. Furthermore, successful IGO campaigns are incredibly complex and require a great deal of research and preparation. Lastly, IGO is reliant upon the performance of the token, which is subject to market conditions, making it difficult to predict the success of a Tokensale.

Initial Game Offering (IGO) is an amazing new way to fund and launch games. It enables developers to raise large sums of money quickly and cost-effectively while giving them control over the project and without involving any third-party investors. Although IGO has many advantages, there are also potential risks that developers should be aware of before using it. All in all, IGO is a revolutionary new system that has revolutionized the way developers fund and launch their games.

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