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Why do projects need Growth Hacking?

Maintenance of active and engaged audiences and organic volumes growth

Generating a favorable impression of the project through thousands of mentions

Objective data on audience activity and engagement

Evaluation of audience response to news and updates

CLS Global offers a native growth hacking service across major platforms such as Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and other global channels


Advertising clients


Average project views


Years on Crypto Market


Average organic volume

Why need

a strong social

media presence

Increases brand loyalty

Growth hacking strategies that focus on customer satisfaction and engagement are aimed at creating sustainable growth and a loyal customer base.

We provide tools and resources to proactively engage with customers within the community to build brand loyalty and trust.

Increase brand awareness

Communities often evolve into a place for organic growth hacking customized to specific project topics and requirements.

We engage audiences through authentic interactions, utilizing growth hacking to attract organic users to exchanges.

Brand Awareness

Given the substantial uptick in positive mentions our project has received in a short period, we are consistently driven to enhance its social media presence.

CLS Global develops strategies to attract and retain new community members, allowing your brand to grow and evolve.

Why projects choose CLS Global

3+ years of experience in social media community management and development

Detailed reports with recommendations for further activities

Effective audience engagement strategies

24/7 customer support and moderation with personal community manager

Growth Hacking with CLS Global


48-hour onboarding process

Project analysis process

Strategy formulated

Profiles and targets selected

Script prepared

Content adaptation and creation

Community assessment

Audience growth forecast

Analysis of participant activity

Identification of key discussion promotion

Campaign audit conducted

Growth Hacking

Strategy adjusted if necessary

Potential targets identified on social media channels

Process subjected to quality control

Assist at all stages of the token project

Crypto Marketing

Our team provide tailored trading development solutions, optimizing both liquidity and efficiency. We implement advanced strategies to ensure your project thrives in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets.

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Influencer Marketing

Promote your project through a dedicated audience of key influencers in the crypto industry world.

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Advertising and PR

Boost your subscriber count and attract users to the project through media channels and targeted advertising on Google and social networks.

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Growth Hacking

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