Advertising and PR

Attracting users through media and targeted advertising in Google, Yandex, Meta etc.

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Why do projects need Advertising and PR?

Increase reach, engage new audiences, drive conversions, and boost sales

Rational and effective advertising budget management

Test and optimize advertising strategies for optimal results

Objective data on advertising campaign metrics

Hundreds publications in FinTech and Crypto magazines


Advertising clients


Average project views


Years on Crypto Market


FinTech and Crypto magazines

How Advertising

and PR can help

the project

Attract new customers

To grow and expand your business, you need a constant influx of new customers. Advertising is one of the most effective tools to achieve this goal.

CLS utilizes state-of-the-art advertising platforms and analytics tools to ensure your messaging reaches your target audience with maximum accuracy.

Increase brand awareness

In a saturated market, making your product or service stand out is becoming increasingly difficult. Effective advertising helps brands take their rightful place in the minds of consumers.

Our company adopts a personalized approach for every client, developing unique advertising strategies that align with the brand's goals and objectives.

Strengthening client loyalty

Regular customers are the foundation of a successful business. Through advertising, you can not only inform them about new products or promotions, but also reinforce their loyalty to the brand.

With a profound understanding of the market and client needs, we create advertising campaigns that not only attract subscribers but also convert them into active users.

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Why projects choose CLS Global

Long-term involvement in the crypto market

Working with crypto projects since 2017

Personal marketing manager

300+ confirmed cases

24/7 support and monitoring

Advertising and PR with CLS Global

Advertising via articles

Research on current topics for content marketing

Return on investment forecast for advertising articles

Selection of platforms with the widest audience for articles

Analysis of reader engagement with promotional articles

Content marketing materials creation in various formats

Media advertising

Preparation of design and content for banners

Tests on different banners formats

Placement of banners on the most relevant sites

Measurement of conversion and engagement from advertising banners

A/B-testing based on campaign analysis

Selection of advertising platforms

Identification of advertising platform requirements

Audience research for sites

Target audience identification for advertising

Analysis of geographical coverage of sites

Media about us

CLS Global Aims To Constantly Create Groundbreaking New Products To Meet The Market Needs


CLS Global Constantly Creates Groundbreaking New Products to Meet the Market Needs


The New Market Makers: What This Change Means for You


HDLABS, “얼라이언스에 25일 ‘CLS GLOBAL’ 합류”


Supporting New Blockchain Projects: From Inception to Listing


A consulting expert and market expert supports the growth of new cryptocurrency projects


Coin Liquidity Solutions: Your Sole Predominance in Trading


Coin Liquidity Solutions (CLS) to Expand Market Making Services, Planning to Release a B2C Product


“Our Goal Has Always Been to Provide High-quality Services to Long-term Projects”, CLS Co-founders, Ullubiy Bakuev and Artem Khachatryan Reveals


Assist at all stages of the token project

Crypto Marketing

Our team provide tailored trading development solutions, optimizing both liquidity and efficiency. We implement advanced strategies to ensure your project thrives in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets.

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Influencer Marketing

Promote your project through a dedicated audience of key influencers in the crypto industry world.

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Growth Hacking

The project receives a large number of positive mentions in a short period of time, attracting the attention of organic users.

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Advertising and PR

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